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It seems all we hear about these days are shortages and inflation, it is apparent to all of us as we shop that the store shelves have several empty spaces and the total at the register is over the top. Everything we buy is rising in price and it doesn’t look as if it will end any time soon. The prediction for 2022 isn’t looking good. Fertilizer has increased as much as 5 times the normal price the cost of fuel has more than doubled in the past year. Add to it the national debt hitting 30 trillion I wouldn’t expect anything to get better any time soon. Even Biden says we will be seeing food shortages as farmers rethink their production options.  It looks as though the harvest season this year is going to be slim compared to most and I believe it will run right through next year. And with inflation rearing it's ugly head we have entered another dark era.


We have allowed ourselves to fall for the big lie for too many years and we have all fallen to some degree for societies deception of what a better life is. I honestly believe the current economic system by design is to benefit the nations elites as they run those in power. We have allowed them to send production of almost everything to other countries. We import more of our food than is produced here, and the Government continues to allow China to purchase our farmlands. Control the food, water and energy and you control the people of the nation. It all started with making people think they were poor if they didn’t have certain things. Electricity was one of them, then along with that were all the cool new appliances that operated on it. The automobile was next, as was the farm tractor. The list is so long it would be near impossible to compile it all. Today we pay large power bills every month to power all these gadgets that 90 years ago didn’t exist. We as a society put out billions of dollars a month to an electric grid that could fail us at any opportunity. The appliances today don’t last and we are in a cycle of buy, use and replace.  The amount of money spent on automobiles has increased so bad I don’t think the average working person can in all honesty afford a very used 1980’s automobile to get them back and forth to work. Just think of all the ways our hard-earned money is spoken for before we even get our paycheck!  In all honesty we have only become the money middleman, we get it then we distribute it for this bill then that bill and on to the monthly loan payments, then of course we head to the grocery store to shop for the household and all too often we find we don’t have enough to get all we really need. For many the choice is pay the mortgage, the car payment, electric, phone or what have you and go hungry.


How many of us are ready if the grid should fail us? How many of us could go on without electricity if it should go down? I think the answer is very few could make it if it ever went down for an extended time. What delivery systems would fail if a long-term disruption should occur? I think the answer is almost everything. It has been said if the power grid were to fail for a year that 80 to 90% of this Country’s population would die. I don’t know if it would be that high but I am sure it will be a large number.


Before the time of the second industrial revolution most people were agrarian, everyone had a garden and livestock and they tended their own needs from their land. If they need something they couldn’t produce on their own and didn’t have enough money they would barter for it. No not everyone was a farmer, there were businesses of many kinds but all those people had a cow or pig in their back yard as well as a garden that they ate from. Most businesses catered to the agrarian society because it was prevalent at the time. I know many people will disagree and tell me I am foolish, but remember this county fought two world wars as an agrarian based society. After World War 2 many changes came to America and industrialism wasn’t one of our greatest moves in my opinion. People left the farms and headed into the cities to make their fortunes; the problem was   many didn’t make a fortune. But instead subjecting themselves to voluntary servitude. 


I’m not going to go deeper into it, but will say if we look at where we are and were we have come in the last 80 or 90 years, some of you will at least see where I am coming from. It was 30 years ago that my wife and I moved from town and came to the homestead. In that time, we have seen and conversed with many people that took the same turn. Some made it over the years and some didn’t make it, or just decided it wasn’t the life for them. However, I have read there is another growing movement toward homesteading in the past couple of years.  It always excites me to see the movements come and I always wish these folks well, and have always been open to answer any questions anyone has ever asked us. But all to often when times get better if they do, these same people turn the garden back into lawn and abandoned it, when what they should have been doing was continuing on and canning their produce and preserving it for times such as these.



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