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Weed Killer Found In Breakfast Cereal.

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Weed Killer In Breakfast foods.

Our biggest question is; How much is a truly safe level? If one eats more than the recommended  one cup helping the level consumed may very well have become an unsafe level. This is why we recommend finding and eating foods that haven't been exposed to these weed killers, meaning find an organic food source or local farmer. And as always know your farmer.


Why Raw Milk?

When milk is pasteurized, it destroys many of the nutrients that make raw milk beneficial. Allergies and lactose intolerance are higher with pasteurization as well. Another major negative of pasteurization is that it destroys the digestive enzymes needed to break down and absorb certain nutrients.

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We have had several requests for an email style group. We are pleased that we were able to find a group provider that we feel will give us what we need in this type of group. Using this group is easy and will provide folks with an email when ever there is a post. You may set up the email in any way you wish to receive them. Please stop in and check this new service out. 

We will be posting in our forum as well as this new group at the same time, this way no one misses out on our Homestead teaching posts. 

Problem With Commercially Grown

The food we now eat from grocery stores is grown in soil that has been seriously depleted of minerals because of continuous farming without crop rotation or rest. In addition, there is a total dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow our food. 

Depending on the soils they are grown in, there can be a significant difference between commercially grown and organically grown vegetables.Studies have concluded that organically grown foods are richer in minerals than commercially grown foods. By comparison, there was 87% less content of magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, and copper in conventionally grown foods.

It is now proven that when soil is made healthy with organic humus and natural minerals, plants become healthier and more pest-resistant. They do not contain "weakness
attractors " for pests.Even though we may be eating adequate quantities of fruits and vegetables, if they are not grown organically, or if they have been irradiated,our bodies are not receiving the nutrition required to build and maintain health. 

We are consuming incomplete nutrition because the food lacks the natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes necessary to maintain life and build vitality. All the more reason to grow ones own food in their own organically enriched garden, and to raise their meat and dairy animals in their own back yard.


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