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I think we all knew that inflation was going to happen, our grocery money isn’t taking us as far as it used to. I know many times over the years I have warned folks about what I felt was to come, I honestly believe we have come to depend on cheap food without knowing the real cost behind it. With fuel prices sky rocketing it will only drive the prices of everything up. They claim inflation is a little over 8% but we all see that most everything has doubled and it is really more around 50%.

We are now dealing with formula shortages and people with infants are struggling to find the formula they need to feed their infants. My strong advice here folks is if you are expecting you better really consider feeding your baby the old fashion way like your grandmother or great grandmother did.  We used an Old Universal no. 2 food chopper we found in an antique store that was still in the box and used that to grind our baby’s food instead of buying regular baby food. It gave us the satisfaction of knowing our children were eating real food that we produced at home. Even a Universal No. 1 works well for this. E Bay has many listed there just watch out for the gougers.

Food shortages are coming, the prices have doubled and this is the time to get stocked up, canned goods, some wheat, rice and maybe some whole oats, if you can find these things in 50-pound bags that would be the way to go. Be sure you have a good water source and maybe a good seed supply and be prepared because it is coming folks. The claim is that auto parts may also be a problem, many things may very well be short or not available at all because of the China shut downs as well as Japan’s economic troubles.

I’m not even saying leave the cities anymore, because the ones that have come here have done nothing to see to their own sustainability. All I say now is prepare to hunker down where you are and be sure you have stored goods enough to see you through. And keep what you are doing to yourself.

 The Fed continues to print money, and congress won’t stop spending it. This scenario can only bring a fall and we aren’t coming out of this.  We are in the same place the Roman empire was before their fall and it isn’t going to be pretty. Be sure you’re prepared, have food preserved and stored, you have this season to get it done whether it’s the garden or dried and canned goods.

We will be working on a few projects this summer we have been wanting to do for some time and I am in hopes to get some video of what we are up to this year.  Our wood shed is near full and it will be topped off this week and there is more in the woods we will be moving home and it will have a whole year to dry. We are in hopes of building that long awaited summer kitchen, as well as some refrigeration powered by our wells overflow. Very similar to the old spring house from days gone by this will give us a place to chill our milk as well as giving us a place to age our cheese.

Many have said we are crazy for living like this over the years, but I believe the time is here when the homestead will do what it was intended to do. The garden was added to last year by our pigs and it looks as though the garden has grown instead of getting smaller. We are currently working the soil right now and are mixing in much manure and once done we will till it is ready to plant.  Right now, I will be working on taking the dead falls out of the field so we can get the cows to some grass and get a bull here to breed the girls so we can start getting milk again.

We have started planting the garden and are still waiting to plant the rest after our last frost date. I have scrapped the idea of a smaller garden; we feel the family has grown and when it all falls apart, we will be able to help them.

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