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Blog posts February 2018

Why We Should Raise Our Own.

It was discovered many years ago that the soil in America has been becoming more and more deficient in minerals as time passes. It is said that the soil in which the majority of our food is grown in has half the minerals it once had. What do you think happens to vegetables when grown in mineral defi…

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Is Homesteading Your Dream

Is homesteading your dream? More people are homesteading, and raising most of their food and some are making a living off their land. If you long to get off the 9-5 program and onto your own land, here are some of the important steps you have to take to pursue a life of freedom

Any farmer or home…

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Planning time.

Wow! Time does seem to pass without notice. I hadn't realized it has been this long since I have been here to post, I apologize for that. Wood cutting continues even though the weather isn't always co-operating. We have  brought a new bull home to finish raising as a breeder because I find A.I. to b…

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