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Blog posts November 2017

Starting Out With Basic Hand Tools

I'm going to get started with the basics of gardening for folks who are coming here that may be looking to learn or just getting started on planting a garden. So I'll start at simply beginning.

If you know someone who is just starting out or would like to learn before they get started please se…

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Life Continues On The Homestead.

As winter approaches the work continues on the homestead, the brush-hogging for this year is finished and wood cutting continues and will right through winter. Allot of folks over the years have asked me why I cut wood in the winter. The biggest reason is that a raise most of your food homestead is …

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Thanks Giving on The Homestead.

Thanks Giving is one of our favorite Holidays on the homestead.  The Monday before Thanks Giving is a busy day for all, the men come together and butcher the turkeys. This year one is for us and another is for a friend. We started with ten this year and ended up with eight. it is normal to loose som…

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As Winter Approaches.

We had our first sign that winter is coming, you guessed it - snow.  Nothing new for our area and what it brings is the anxiety  of getting last minute things done. We have still been busy getting the machines ready for winter, the rainy week we had leaves me still  behind getting the last field bru…

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