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I wish I knew how many times I have sat at this keyboard and started to type something and wonder where to go with it. Today is another one of those days, I have written about many things over the years about the homestead, gardening, animals, heating and cooking with wood along with economic hardship on the horizon. As we go about our lives here on the homestead getting ready for winter (which seems to be moving in at lightning speed.) I wonder where summer went, it seemed as if it just got here. This summer produced good in some things and mediocre in others, but all in all I won't complain because I am always grateful for what we have been provided.

As far as reasons to homestead we have covered that extensively, as well as why we should. It appears since covid struck we have been dealing with supply chain issues. Folks it's been two years! And they can't seem to get a handle on it, we are also seeing the price of food and fuel go threw the roof, as well as animal feed. Many ranchers and farmers have sold off their livestock, which may be OK in the short term as far a beef pricing goes, because there should be allot of it hitting store shelves soon. If that happens, it will temporarily come down in price and that would be the time to stock up. With Europe reporting a drop in wheat production by 47 million tons and the United States producing 7.2% less than normal this year, we will see shortages of wheat in 2023 as we are still running on last years harvest.

I pray you all have been preparing at least something for yourselves. We have been busy canning beets beans and greens this year and with so much zucchini it looks like we will be canning some of that as well. Our potatoes are looking good and we have dug them because the mice were digging in and eating them, they too will be canned with the exception of a  half bushel so we can eat some fresh. We will be doing more pickles this year than normal only because yours truly decided to plant all the left over cucumber seed he had from previous years, of coarse all of them sprouted and grew into producing plants. Who would have figured? Once done with the garden I will be pulling the meats out of the freezer and canning all of it, the plan is to also can what we slaughter this year. The idea is to shut the large chest freezer down and only use our small one, the kids are all grown and there is no need to put that much meat up anymore.

Coming to the subject of things that seem to be coming, I don't have all the answers, I have no idea where it will go. All I know is it is getting more expensive to shop, cut hay, buy feed or go anywhere. Will shortages come? There is no doubt in my mind there will be severe shortages on many things. We are hearing of crop failures all over the world, with drought, shortages of fertilizer as well as the cost of fertilizer. We as a nation have become too dependent on other countries for many things, and if you’ll pay close attention, you’ll see these items are imported.

American’s have become polarized in their thinking, everyone wants everyone else to think and act as they do, independent thinking has been brushed aside. No one tolerates the other because of this great divide that is sweeping our country.   

I keep hearing whose fault it is but I don’t see anyone looking in the mirror and saying I need to stop going with the flow and stand up for myself and family and stop watching everything my neighbor does. Trust me those yahoos in D.C. wants us divided so we can be occupied with each other instead of them, and they can keep passing stupid laws and fill their pockets at our expense.  All that is happening now in my opinion is planned and is going to get worse. This situation didn't start today, it's been in the planning for a long time. Keep your eyes open, watch and listen and you will start to see what they are up to. Keep diligently working your land and livestock and always be prepared. 

Today there are now 20 million families behind on their utility bills, yes 20 million families are 30 days away from having their power disconnected. Guess what time of year it is? Your right, it is now fall and cold weather is just around the corner with winter nipping at the heels. How many of you can make it if your power is out and you can't afford to get it back on? Having been on the homestead many years now I think we would be fine, our house is a hybrid, power to the outlets, and solar on the lighting. I believe we are in pretty good shape because of the years we were with no grid power. But my real concern is how are you going to do? 

The other problem is a weak grid, California is already limiting what times of the day you can charge your electric car because of a shortage of power. Which leaves allot to consider before buying one of those. I guess what we really need to be watching are all the things going wrong and are in desperate need of attention. No one seems able to fix them and that means allot of people are going to be in deep doo doo when the piper needs to be paid. 

The government can't stay on the coarse of printing and the out of control spending of it. As well as debt forgiveness without the consequences of the hurt that will come with it. When hyper inflation hits it will bring everything crashing down as it did in Germany in the 1920's. Even if you're not conspiracy minded something deep down should be telling you something isn't right with all of this.

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