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In the past couple years, it has been noticed by other groups as well as our group on Facebook, have succumb to very few people participating. Unless they are promoting their you tube channel in hopes of getting to a degree where they are getting income from it.

The consensus seems to be t…

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New Pages to our site

Good Day Everyone,

I have decided to make another change on our web page. If you look in the page index at the top of the site page you will find two new pages, on Garden and the other Livestock. This is where I will put our Garden and Livestock information. This way I can keep the news page for ou…

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Welcome 2020

Hello everyone, we are hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season and welcome you to our homestead in 2020. It looks like it will be a busy year on the homestead this year, and we have already made some changes that many of you may not be aware of. We have closed our e mail group as of the first …

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Another Winter Arrives.

Good Morning Everyone,

Another winter is upon us, we have already had snow, but a warm front came and gave us rain and melting temperatures.  But as is normal here in the North East, cold temperatures have returned and another 6 inches of snow has fallen. The tractor is warming up right now in pr…

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Another Fall Is Here.

 I have to admit, my Father was right when I was a youngster. He used to say wait until you are my age and you'll understand. I wish he were still here so I could tell him that I do. 

The summer went by way to fast and we find ourselves in another colder than normal November, We have had tempe…

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On The Homestead.

Haying season has ended, and since we have had frost all except our carrots have been harvested.  The time to plant next years garlic is upon us and we are waiting for the ground to dry a little after the fall rains have soaked us.

I always look forward to bringing the haying equipment home, it…

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On Free Range

The August 1998 issue of the Angus Journal included a supplement titled Feeding Options.  In the supplement's first article, written by Troy Smith, there's an interesting line. For the ruminant animal, there's nothing more natural than range.  ("Range" means "large pasture.")  Just think about this …

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With spring here and me waiting for the mud to dry up I have had some time to ponder, thinking God has been good to us on the homestead, after all we came here with limited knowledge of what it would really be like to make a living on a full-blown homestead. We came to an over grown patch of land th…

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What The Children Learn.

  Children will learn many life skills on a homestead. They will learn for one the feeding and caring for animals, and will no doubt make many of them pets. It really is something to see a child of 60 pounds leading a 1000-pound animal by a lead rope and have that huge animal be as gentile as a baby…

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We Left It Behind.

We have learned through life that most folks think they are looking out for your better good, but have no idea that their thought is really for themselves. Our life together has been very fulfilling to us, no not perfect but fulfilling none the less. when others keep their ideas of how life should b…

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