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Some of you have been following us for some time now and yes, I know we don’t post here a whole lot nor do we post in our Facebook group much, however there is allot of information both here and there. So please browse through our pages here and if you do Facebook dig up our old posts for gardening and livestock information we posted there. In all honesty you’ll find it here so if you don’t want to go through all the older posts there you will find them here.

I can’t emphasize enough that you get your seeds if you haven’t, if you have ordered them be bold and order a couple of more years’ worth. Then get a book on seed saving and begin learning to save your own, it’s another way to independence.  We for the first time have started hatching our own chicks on the homestead from our own eggs. We started out with ten eggs since I was only going to see how successful I would be, two ended not being fertile and eight hatched. The next hatching gave us 17 chicks. All said and done we have twenty-one new chicks in the brooder. Five are going to our daughter because she would like some chickens. We will soon be collecting eggs again to hatch a bigger brood as soon as the weather gets a little warmer and we can hatch them in the barn.

We have all been watching inflation for the last couple of years and I’m going to touch a little on it. Folks it is past time to make the move to being a producer instead of a consumer. Hyper inflation is coming, I can’t say when but Germany in 1923, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela come to mind. Yes, it can happen here and it will! It’s in my personal opinion being done by design. We have evil forces in high places in America and no one seems to want to stop them. I don’t believe it can be voted out because our political system is corrupt and the Fed continues to print money like no tomorrow will lead to hyperinflation. The aspect of digital currency should scare anyone to no end. This would give the few total control over what you buy, and they will watch you all like a hawk. No government should have that kind of power.

The other area that should give us all much concern are the number of food processing plants that have burned down, millions of egg producing hens have been euthanized because of bird flu, train derailments and now a Texas dairy farm that exploded killing 18,000 cows and destroying the barns as well. Just too much coincidence.

Our move to hatching our own eggs is a move that helps us not only save money but to also make us less dependent on the system. We are also going to cut back again on the number of cows we keep, we will have two milk cows as soon as Dazy has her calf in June. Molly had her calf a couple of weeks ago and we are in milk again. Hope our other heifer is just a we small to breed but she will be at the proper weight soon. Then she will be going to a new home. The new baby bull will be banded soon and kept for meat. The coming calf will more than likely be placed in a new home, we are hoping on of our kids would like to raise it for their own meat. Our chickens have been crossed with a meat variety and we are in hopes of getting a dual-purpose bird out of them, if not we will be switching to a breed that is. We are considering getting back into meat rabbits again, it has been years since we have raised rabbits and I don’t think we will need to many breeders to see to our needs. I have also been thinking about raising some quail, I have no real reason other than I would love to try them out. If anyone here has them maybe you can let me know something about them in the comments.

The garden will be ready to start working on soon and I have it covered with manure right now. We have started a huge pile of compost near the lower garden and I have also found a source for free woodchips from a local firewood dealer.  These chips will be used around the plants and in the garden and if we get more than we can use at one time they will be mixed into the compose pile. Nothing on a homestead should go to waste and homesteads should produce very little waste. This year our second youngest son and his wife will be planting the lower garden for themselves. I look forward to working with them and   giving any help that I can. 

Because we live where we do, many folks get to plant a few weeks before we can. Last year I bought the last eighteen pounds of potato seed our feed store had, this year I got smart and paid for a fifty-pound bag in advance, we won’t let that happen again. I know it is more than I will be able to plant this year but it will insure we have enough and what we don’t use we can eat. We are in hopes of putting a plastic drum in the ground where it won’t float out and see if we can cellar them that way over the winter. If it works, we’ll have seed potatoes next year and we will be able to bury another to hold our needs through winter, though canning them has worked well for us for many years now.

It is so easy to be distracted by the world events we are seeing; it can cause anxiety and depression in us if we let it. I for one only listen to a select few for my news and I only check in a couple times a week. Instead of letting it distract you let it lead you to become more motivated in reaching your homestead goals. Set your sights high and produce all that you can possibly produce. If you are set and ready with stores enough you have no reason to worry about disruptions.



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