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We live on a small southern Vermont homestead and raise Chickens, free range Eggs, Cattle, Turkeys and pigs for our own use. A large garden is planted and preserved for winter months. We believe in old family values, Home schooled our children and encourage others in this lifestyle.


We strongly feel that raising your own or buying from a local producer is the safest way to a sustainable and safe food supply. 


With food prices constantly on the rise, shortages of some items and almost daily call backs of meats and vegetables, that go hand in hand with current unsafe farming practices both in this and other countries these past years, it only makes sense to look for safe and cost effective ways to feed ones family. Growing your own is not only cost effective, but gives your family the highest quality and safest food they can eat. Right in your own yard. 


There has not been a better time in our lives than now to turn back to the land and begin raising your own food. Our times are uncertain we are witnessing disruptions, economic uncertainty, political turmoil as well as a 100 year pandemic. These are the times we should prepare ourselves for. In the pages of this site you will find many of the things we have learned over our many years on the homestead. If you have ever considered this kind of life whether it be living on a full blown raise allot of what your family eats, or just to plant a garden or raise some animals, visit our gardening or homestead livestock page for information on those things. Also visit our other pages and see what we have been up to and where we have been in our homestead adventure.

You will notice we have nothing to sell here like many other sites do, we do have a donate button on a couple of our pages asking for help to keep this site active so we may continue for those that wish to come and learn or just stop by to see what we are up to. We most certainly appreciate any help you give.

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Mark 4:19   And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.