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Welcome 2020

Hello everyone, we are hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season and welcome you to our homestead in 2020. It looks like it will be a busy year on the homestead this year, and we have already made some changes that many of you may not be aware of. We have closed our e mail group as of the first of the year due to inactivity, we are also going to be closing our forum as well. It appears to me that we are getting more attention on our web page than our groups.

Starting this month I will be moving our gardening and Livestock lesson pages that contain what we have learned about those subjects over the years. These were posted in our forum and old e mail group and the decision was made to move them here. 

Things are moving along for our 2020 season, one of our sons and his girl are expecting their first child in April. This will be our first Grandchild and needless to say we are excited. They both have decided they would rather feed their family the way Benjamin was raised, on food grown and produced at home. Yes that means the garden will grow to it's 10,00 square foot old self and our meat chicken order will go back to 150 birds. It looks like that little break I was going to get has gone out the window. ( Not that it bothers me.) But the rest want to get milk from home as well, I guess that means we will be breeding that little heifer born last spring will be bred so we can produce the milk our grown family still wants. All of this does come with a you need to help when the time comes stipulation, and we now have to find a ten acre field to mow for hay. Ben says he knows of one and we will check it out this spring. 

We have picked up our piglets for this year one will be going to our second youngest son, who is going to get married this coming fall, they have requested a pig roast. Ben has one I have one and Ben and I went halves on one for sausage.  Our seed order will be going in soon and we are checking into a 10 X 20 green house, nothing expensive so we can try our hand  at before planning a more permanent one. We were told last year that the place we go to pick your own may not be planting this year, which means we have to attempt to grow enough of our own tomatoes for canning. 

I guess all this excites me because I have often wondered if any of our children would ever be interested in growing their own, I know my parents did it and I wasn't always happy to go out and weed or do chores. But in time and when it became necessary I fell back on it and ended up learning what I should have paid attention to so many years ago. I think my kids pay attention to what is going on with their food and they aren't liking it. They have grown accustomed to knowing where their food comes from and the quality that comes with it. they still don't care for store bought pork after moving away, they always seem to come to the homestead super market when they are looking for those things. 

I guess it's time for me to call it a night and get to bed, we will be posting the new things here shortly and we will be sending out emails as they are moved over. If you haven't joined our mailing list and want to know when we have posted or made changes to the website please subscribe so you won't miss them coming. We will start with the garden since that is coming soon and I will post hopefully at least once a week or more.


See you soon,




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