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The time has come to question yourself as to whether you are ready or not. Some of the latest news has the Government preparing to ban gas stoves nationwide. They have been after wood stoves for years imposing emission standards on them that are near impossible to meet. Your wood fire cooking range has been a target as well. The manufacture of new stoves both gas and wood will be outlawed if they get away with it. Those of us that already have them will be grandfathered in for a time but they won’t stop until they have your stove and force you to replace them with electric. When the time comes, they will cancel your homeowner’s insurance to try to force you to comply.  They seem to use what ever leverage they can to get people to do their bidding. Not me! I’m keeping my stoves. If you want to get one, now would be a good time. Personally, I would look for a thick steeled stove, nothing cheap because they won’t last. We have a Kitchen Queen cook range that is built tough, it has ¼ steel anywhere the fire touches. I also have a couple of heating stove I built and they are good heavy stoves and were built about 35 years and they have stood the test of use and time. If you have access to a welder and a cutting torch you have what you need to build your own.


I have a hard time understanding where the ideas come from for all this regulation. It seems the few have gained power and keep trying to cram their foolishness down our throats, it wasn’t long ago it was the fight about a new experimental vaccine came out and the Government forced employers to force employees to take the shot or be fired. Then if you weren’t vaccinated they wanted to limit your movement and maybe even deny you medical care if you weren’t vaccinated. With what appears to be problems with the vaccine coming to light it is still being pushed by the medical society, and they want you to vaccinate. I think in time we will find allot is being covered up, when the vaccine came out I remember some in the medical field that were labelled deniers were saying it wasn’t safe and in five years we would see people dying from it or young people becoming sterile.


Now we come to the vaccinating of livestock:  I know the vaccination of animals has been discussed over the years, but the new idea is to vaccinate them with a R m n a vaccine. It was tried in Europe a couple years ago and within hours the cattle started dropping dead. This was heavily denied at the time but turned out to be true. The main focus on livestock vaccine seems to be having the vaccine present in the meat product so that when consumed the consumer has now been vaccinated without their knowledge or consent.


How do we get around all this madness? Grow and produce your own, or get to know someone that does. Start a food community with other farmers or homesteaders and grow things you can swap with one another.  Food purchased in the grocery stores will not be safe, I question how safe it is right now, but soon it could be down right deadly for some of us. I’m watching the shortages grow, just a little at a time, but right now it seems to be eggs. So, you understand the Government slaughtered millions of chickens this summer because of the bird flu. Whether it was or wasn’t we will never know. The time has come for each and every one of us to be responsible for our own food security, we can no longer depend on the corporate system. All you have to do is go to the FDA / USDA food recall page. There is a link on our Articles of Interest page.

Another thing one must prepare for is being able to live without electricity I believe in time it will go down. There have already been attacks on substations around the country and I feel it’s only a matter of time before it gets interrupted. A generator or even solar will buy you time, but if things are down long enough those system will in time fail, don’t get me wrong, we have them. But when the batteries fail you may not be able to replace them.  Same goes with a failure of a generator.  These systems are well and fine and should help transition us toward living without it. Kerosene lamps are a good bet for lighting, I believe if things fell completely apart Kerosene will be one of the first things they begin to produce again.


I’m not even saying a collapse of that magnitude is coming now, but this country sure has a pile of debt, debt that will never be paid because the Fed won’t stop printing it and the Congress won’t stop spending it. Yes, I believe a financial collapse will come but I have no idea when, but America is currently over 31 trillion dollars in debt and we have a falling economy.


Prepare yourself to eat what you grow and be sure you work at growing what you eat. To many homesteads are being operated by one person in their family and from what I gather it’s mainly the women folk that are homesteading. Folks we need to line ourselves up and be a team because one person operating the homestead isn’t going to produce enough. United we stand and divided we fall it’s been proven time and time again. If you’re going to eat on the homestead you need to participate. Stock up on what you need, don’t forget the seeds and learn to save your own seed for the future. With the USDA wanting us to register our garden, if not enough do they will hit on the seed stores to see who is buying seed.


If you are hearing or seeing things, please let me know in the comments so I can look into it as well. And please if you have a friend that you think will be interested have them sign up to our mailing list.


Praying you have a blessed and prosperous 2023.

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