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I have been thinking about an article I read on livestock breeds going extinct, I am sure we can say the same about vegetation. Modern man’s Love of the almighty dollar is going to be our undoing. Greed with no thought for the future, in my opinion is worse than weapons of mass destruction. Future generations will have no choice but depend on corporate producers for their food as no small or Family farm will be left.  NAIS was in  my opinion a first attempt at putting an end to individuals and small family farms, I know they said at the time  it would remain voluntary but before it's implementation was stopped by public outcry and large numbers of farmers putting it to rest , the attempt was to make it mandatory. 

 GMO's are now widely used by corporate producers and is taking away from the genetic diversity of our food. Though we see allot of small seed companies that deal in heirloom seeds, they could be shut down with the passing of an intrusive law initiated by corporate producer’s through government. The same could be said about organic gardening, some states now have laws about spreading animal manure on the land for fear of pollution. However you may spread all the chemical fertilizer you want.

I’m sure the day will come when even less people know where an egg really comes from. I was once told about a farmer trying to give a woman a dozen of fresh eggs. She kindly replied,? No thank you I like the ones they make at the store. This believe it or not is a true story. I have even had people ask me "how can you stand to drink milk from a cow, that would gross me out," and this has been said to my wife or I countless times in line at the store while they purchase a gallon of milk to bring home.

It truly is a sad state we are in, we no longer teach basics in the school room and our children and grandchildren are growing further and further from their roots. Knowing the world of technology but having no sense as to where their food comes from, and not caring. It really does amaze me that we have come so far with technology and yet have forgotten something so basic, and so important.

Seeds and Agriculture provide the substance upon which life depends. Genetic stability and diversity must be protected for the future of coming generations. So they may have this diversity to build on for their needs when the time comes. We cannot look to government or even science to do this; we must be the ones to do it!


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