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OK, this is no longer even funny nor is it debatable. The cost of food and fuel has gone through the roof and there is no end in sight. They claim an 8.7% inflation rate but let’s not be fooled most everything is doubled which makes a 100% increase and fuel is up some 400%. If everything averaged out it’s more like 60% inflation.  Folks you have to be ready, get a garden in before it’s too late, start stocking up on canned goods as well as wheat, beans, rice and other things you eat of that nature when you buy it buy in bulk, you’ll need it.

  One must realize it isn’t going to be fair to ask your homesteading neighbor to feed you more than a few times, they more than likely don’t have enough to give to much away. Being ready falls upon every individual, so please plan accordingly because the food shortages are going to last through 2023 and possibly beyond for some items. With the sever increases in the cost of fertilizer many farmers can’t afford to purchase it, and the cost to fuel the tractors going from roughly $250 a day is now $700 or more so farmers may not be planting as much as they used to. I know we will not be taking any chances on a tight window to dry hay at the price of fueling our tractors. We need to be sure we are getting the hay or we are wasting our money, no we aren’t in the mulch hay business so it is important that we get it for feed.

Which brings me to the dependence problem we have in America. We have lost the knowledge of our ancestors in how to live. Today we let others do the supplying while most relax and enjoy their easier life style and disregard the warnings of people and even the government when they claim there will be shortages, these are the folks that will suffer much when the shortages come.  Yes, the shortages are already noticeable in the store and even at the pump, I am hearing that gasoline is being rationed in some places. We have all toiled in our secular jobs, because we were taught that was the way it was since we were toddlers. But in all honesty, we have been slaves to the system, we haven’t and aren’t living free. We are bound to servitude and are told it is voluntary. Looking back, I don’t remember volunteering to be a slave to the system, I just did what I was taught until I broke through the confines of the box.

Can we live free of the system? Not as long as they tax you on your land, you will have to turn an income somewhere to pay the taxes on your property, property you purchased and no doubt already paid tax on at the time of purchase. In my opinion I think property tax is the most unfair tax going and should be abolished. This will never change until enough people open their eyes to the reality that they have been enslaved to think within the box of our society. Once people see what is really going on they can start the renewing of their mind can begin. Once enough are awakened, they can demand the changes needed to fix the error that was forced upon our society. If you haven’t read the book Surviving Off Off Grid by Michael Bunker now would be a good time to get and read it. It’s not a how to book but a why you should book.

Has anyone noticed the lack of 18 wheelers on the highways? My wife and I drove50 miles up the interstate a few days ago and only saw two, when normally there would have been an easy 100 or more. I have heard trains aren’t running as many cars as they normally do, but I can’t say I know it for a fact. What I do know folks is that it’s coming, things in this country are coming apart and store shelves aren’t as full as they used to be. Inflation will take every spare dollar you have and leave you with little. My advice would be to buy goods that will last, dried or canned and stock up (Be sure you have a good water supply) if you haven’t been. 

At the rate the Fed is printing money I can’t believe that the dollar will continue to get worthless and send us into an economic recession or depression. Either is very possible at this time.  I don’t know how long people will be able to continue paying their electric or internet cable and phone bills, if I were you, I would certainly get ready to do without those things. Along with getting as stocked up as you can now would be a good time to start printing all the information you have stored on your computer just in case.

I wouldn’t panic, many will have to do with what they have and take care of their families. Many of us have seen this coming for a long time now, and have been preparing. For those that believe the system and have done nothing to ready themselves will be the ones that begin to wander the countryside begging or taking what they need or even want.  I believe it is going to get allot worse and by fall we’re going to see serious shortages in the supermarket.

Keep an eye out and please leave comments about what you are seeing or hearing so we can keep helping folks prepare.

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