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Our First Accumulation Of Snow.

We received our first accumulating snow storm of the season, I am guessing we had about 14 inches. That's not a number I would bet much on, but it was plenty to take my snowmobile out to the woodlot in a very careful way. I never had the need to go very fast so low range and just enough power to hold the clutch engaged got us there and back with no problems. Winter has always been my favorite time of the year, I do like snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowshoeing, cutting and moving wood.  And this winter I'll have more time than I normally would to enjoy the winter. 

Winter is when the chores of the homestead are at their low and the homesteader can focus on other things that aren't stressful. The pace of life changes in the winter, other than having our routine of tending our animals on both ends of the day things can be done on an as needed or because it's something I want to do today. When a snow storm hits and if is a storm that will drop allot of snow say a foot or more, I will plow the driveway before I go to bed so there isn't allot to contend with in the morning. 

Three or four days a week will be spent roaming the woods looking for windfall trees to cut up and us for next years heat. Once we have the windfall's are taken care of we will move to parts of the property we can't get with the tractor and begin thinning some of the old more mature trees that are obviously not to healthy. These are also the days we will have the sled in tow so we can move a load or two to the splitter and stack it until spring comes and we can move it to the wood shed to finish drying so it will heat us next winter. There is something to be said about being a winter ahead on your wood supply. Believe me we have had times we were short and getting to those windfalls was very important. 



Our first run has left a packed trail in the woodlot so as we get more snow it will make a hardened base and allow easier movement through the woods. As winter progresses and more snow comes, we will use snowshoes to pack trails deeper into the woods. This allows us to establish new trails and time to cut any brush that may give us a problem moving through the woods. Nothing hurts worse than getting whipped by a twig when your traveling on a snowmobile. Any one who snowmobiles would know what I am talking about.

Winter has arrived our first real snowfall has come and we are excited to get on with our winter work and fun plans. Ice fishing will fit in this winter and we all look forward to that, all we'll need is for the Smelt to run when we're after them. 

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