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There is so much going on in our Country right now I don’t think I could cover it all. I guess what we should be able to agree on is it seems like we are paralleling Rome during the fall. Or maybe the next balloon over the country will detonate causing an EMP and killing our power grid.  The elected in DC are not protecting the nation as they are supposed to be. They have their interest everywhere but America.

Inflation is hurting us and now we are seeing an egg shortage and millions of hens have been destroyed either by culling or mystery fires taking hundreds of thousands of laying hens. The latest propaganda telling us it is dangerous to raise back yard birds or even eat their eggs. This folks’ is all being done by design. Control the food control the people, and it isn’t just here, it’s a worldwide move.  If you have chickens and a rooster now’s the time to get an incubator and start learning to hatch your own chicks. I have our dual-purpose birds ordered, and they aren’t going to ship until Aug. I have also found that some hatcheries have stopped taking orders for some chicks. We won’t be raising just layers and just meat birds any longer we are going straight dual purpose. We’ll hatch our own and save the roosters for broilers and a few breeders.

If you own a couple acres and a garden along with some chickens and other livestock, you can grow your own and that isn’t what the powers that be want. They want use all crunched into the cities and the corporation’s growing food in the country so they can control you and your movements. This isn’t living folks this is imprisonment, you will only become one of the cogs that makes the system work and feeds the wealthy and makes them wealthier. Then when you’re too old to produce you’ll be put in a nursing home because your kids won’t have the time to care for you. Oh wait, that’s what’s happening now, just not all of us yet. It’s a far cry from our grandparent’s generation, in those days you aged out and were cared for at home and allowed to die with dignity.  I will not be a slave to the system!

It’s time we get serious about our food production at home, no you won’t ever grow or produce 100% of what you eat or need even in the pioneering era they couldn’t. So never be discouraged that you aren’t. It will take a community to make things work. Right now, is the time to plan the garden and know what you are going to plant. Get your seeds early and get the book Saving Seeds so you can begin practicing that art. It may very well come to that. Seeds will also make a good bartering tool if the need should arise.  If you haven’t been gardening or you have no place to then now is the time to put something away, just a few canned goods extra a week will make a difference.

Starting a garden at home when it is planting time is wise, just remember first year gardens are not as productive. That’s no reason not to plant one, because the second year gets better and in the second year you have more experience. It takes years to become a good gardener and in time you will be as good as any and you will be able to plan on most of what you grow. Also be aware some things do better in a year than something else. There are always crops that do well and other that will in another year. Just keep working at it, I know several people that have raised gardens so they don’t have to bend down any longer so they can weed and harvest. These little gardens seem to do very well and I am giving thought to trying one to see haw well it works. They grow their potatoes in five-gallon buckets with holes in the bottom and just dump them out when it’s time to harvest. They keep their used dirt in a pile and mix it well with compost and let it winter. 

These are the times we have talked about for many years now! I pray you are all-ready. I know no one can be 100% ready for everything, it’s the basics I am talking about.

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