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As the season progresses.

Haying season is here and first cut is done, this years challenge is to get enough hay in to take care of the cows we are keeping. The winter before last we let our bull go as I didn't want to keep a bull around anymore. Little did I know our cow doesn't come into heat every 28 days as she should, in fact she is erratic and misses months completely . Trying to catch her in heat to get her A I ed has been a challenge, so I decided it was time to bring a bull back to get the job done. That does mean one more mouth in the barn to feed come winter. If the numbers don't come, I will have to purchase some extra hay in the fall. Something we haven't done in a very long time. I am sure the fields we do have will be able to give us a second cut, and a couple of those acres should give us a third cut if the weather cooperates this year.

The pigs are digging up the new potato patch, and it doesn't look as stony as I thought it would. I am in hopes it makes a good potato garden next year. The area we have been planting them the past couple years will be brought into raising other vegetables as soon as we can get it prepared for that purpose. This will be adding to our total garden area, the added area will give us some planing to do in that respect. The plan for next year is to cut back on garden space because we just don't need to produce the amounts we used to, this will however allow us to rotate crops and to give sections of the garden a rest period.

Yes we have reached a new milestone in our homestead lives, as the children have grown and are now working leaving us with less to prepare thus less to grow. Now it will be getting used to doing things on a little smaller scale. I have already cut back on our meat chickens and have only fifty this season, I do admit the pen looks bigger than it ever did and I still in my thoughts think there isn't enough. We have one pig for a fall slaughter, another for an early spring slaughter and no cow for the freezer. We will be hunting this fall for our red meat. The adjustment for me is difficult, but as the homestead grew steadily over the years it get smaller a little at a time as time goes. 

I know I am running somewhat behind here and in our groups and forum. Please understand the homestead is a busy, busy place this time of year with so much to get done before winter arrives. Has anyone noticed the days have already begun to get a little shorter?  





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