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Learn to make bread.

Make meals from scratch.

Find ways to produce your own energy.

Find ways to craft by hand instead of using power tools.

Grow your own vegetables and herbs.

Learn to save your seeds.

Raise a milk cow or goat depending on your room.

Raise livestoc…

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Happy Thanksgiving

How can our hearts be anything other than filled with THANKSGIVING when we remember what God has done for each of us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ?
It has become very clear this week , not because of the business of it all . There was and is much work in every …

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There Is Always Something To Do

There is always something to do on the homestead. This year we have gone from near or early stages of drought to a 180° turn and having nothing but huge amounts of rain the garden has gone from dry to soaked walking down the rows will put you in mud up to your ankles. Yes some things are showing sig…

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One Of My Ramblings

With harvest in full swing I have had some time to think while processing and canning our harvest and thinking God has been good to us on the homestead, after all we came here with limited knowledge of what it would really be like to make a living on a full-blown homestead. We came to an over grown …

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The Homestead Is A Family Affair.


My Answer to the Question of Homesteading and children: Everyone is expected to do their part in providing for the family on a homestead. Girls do much of the cleaning and helping their mother in the house. Each day the beds need to be made, floors swept, and rugs beaten. There is always laund…

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As the season progresses.

Haying season is here and first cut is done, this years challenge is to get enough hay in to take care of the cows we are keeping. The winter before last we let our bull go as I didn't want to keep a bull around anymore. Little did I know our cow doesn't come into heat every 28 days as she should, i…

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Springs is here.

Spring is here for us in Vermont, at least in my area. We have been building new fence for the pigs and the cows, some of the pigs have  been moved to the front yard where we want to plant potatoes next year. Pigs make wonderful garden plows and harrows and do a nice job bringing rocks to the surfac…

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From Adventure To Contentment.

I was asked one day about our lives homesteading from one of my caregivers at the cancer center in the past year. As I gave answers to her questions and told some of the many things we have done on the homestead. They looked at me and said, "Wow, you have lived and amazing life."  I honestly can't a…

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We All Need To Eat Better.

We all need to eat better, but the truth is there aren’t enough fruits and vegetables grown in America to make it possible. The U.S. food supply contains less than 60 percent of the vegetables required to meet recommended daily allowances, and less than half of the fruit. To change that, the U.S. wo…

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Hmm, The Hard Life?

Just what is the hard life? Is it leaving home to our 7:00 to 3:30 job in order to pay the bills? Is it living life in what we call roughing it? I think it is a good question to ponder and talk about.

I am guessing most would call how we live as homesteaders the hard life, I can't be sure if it is …

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It's Not Over Til It's Over

One thing I have learned in my years is winter drops an average amount of snow every year. This year is no different than any other. We either get it early, or it comes a little at a time throughout the winter or it does like it is doing now. Dumping on us at the end of the season. 

It really ne…

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Why We Should Raise Our Own.

It was discovered many years ago that the soil in America has been becoming more and more deficient in minerals as time passes. It is said that the soil in which the majority of our food is grown in has half the minerals it once had. What do you think happens to vegetables when grown in mineral defi…

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Is Homesteading Your Dream

Is homesteading your dream? More people are homesteading, and raising most of their food and some are making a living off their land. If you long to get off the 9-5 program and onto your own land, here are some of the important steps you have to take to pursue a life of freedom

Any farmer or home…

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Planning time.

Wow! Time does seem to pass without notice. I hadn't realized it has been this long since I have been here to post, I apologize for that. Wood cutting continues even though the weather isn't always co-operating. We have  brought a new bull home to finish raising as a breeder because I find A.I. to b…

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Saving Diversity

I have been thinking about an article I read on livestock breeds going extinct, I am sure we can say the same about vegetation. Modern man’s Love of the almighty dollar is going to be our undoing. Greed with no thought for the future, in my opinion is worse than weapons of mass destruction. Future g…

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Our First Accumulation Of Snow.

We received our first accumulating snow storm of the season, I am guessing we had about 14 inches. That's not a number I would bet much on, but it was plenty to take my snowmobile out to the woodlot in a very careful way. I never had the need to go very fast so low range and just enough power to hol…

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Busyness is the biggest obstacle for most of the people in our society. As far as overcoming this obstacle, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that it’s not terribly difficult to understand what must be done to beat busyness. The bad news, though, is that most people, even the ones who…

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Our Forum

Hello Everyone,

Just to say our forum is up and running and our garden lessons posts will be there. We will continue with our news page as we have been, with things happening along with other things that may be interesting. My thoughts were a forum would make it easier for folks to interact with wh…

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The High Cost Of Cheap Food.

 Americans spend a smaller percentage of their income on food than any other national population. The cheap food that our government has pushed so hard to achieve,  is cheap only because we ignore some of the true costs involved; costs such as the pollution of groundwater by runoff from giant feedl…

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Good Morning From The Homestead.

What a wonderful glorious day here today. the sun is shining,the boys and I have chores done, coffee is perking on the wood range and we are getting ready to cook breakfast. We are still getting caught up in the yard preparing for winter. An annual ritual that occurs here every year and normally en…

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