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Is Homesteading Your Dream

Is homesteading your dream? More people are homesteading, and raising most of their food and some are making a living off their land. If you long to get off the 9-5 program and onto your own land, here are some of the important steps you have to take to pursue a life of freedom

Any farmer or home…

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Planning time.

Wow! Time does seem to pass without notice. I hadn't realized it has been this long since I have been here to post, I apologize for that. Wood cutting continues even though the weather isn't always co-operating. We have  brought a new bull home to finish raising as a breeder because I find A.I. to b…

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Saving Diversity

I have been thinking about an article I read on livestock breeds going extinct, I am sure we can say the same about vegetation. Modern man’s Love of the almighty dollar is going to be our undoing. Greed with no thought for the future, in my opinion is worse than weapons of mass destruction. Future g…

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Our First Accumulation Of Snow.

We received our first accumulating snow storm of the season, I am guessing we had about 14 inches. That's not a number I would bet much on, but it was plenty to take my snowmobile out to the woodlot in a very careful way. I never had the need to go very fast so low range and just enough power to hol…

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Busyness is the biggest obstacle for most of the people in our society. As far as overcoming this obstacle, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that it’s not terribly difficult to understand what must be done to beat busyness. The bad news, though, is that most people, even the ones who…

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Our Forum

Hello Everyone,

Just to say our forum is up and running and our garden lessons posts will be there. We will continue with our news page as we have been, with things happening along with other things that may be interesting. My thoughts were a forum would make it easier for folks to interact with wh…

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The High Cost Of Cheap Food.

 Americans spend a smaller percentage of their income on food than any other national population. The cheap food that our government has pushed so hard to achieve,  is cheap only because we ignore some of the true costs involved; costs such as the pollution of groundwater by runoff from giant feedl…

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Good Morning From The Homestead.

What a wonderful glorious day here today. the sun is shining,the boys and I have chores done, coffee is perking on the wood range and we are getting ready to cook breakfast. We are still getting caught up in the yard preparing for winter. An annual ritual that occurs here every year and normally en…

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Starting Out With Basic Hand Tools

I'm going to get started with the basics of gardening for folks who are coming here that may be looking to learn or just getting started on planting a garden. So I'll start at simply beginning.

If you know someone who is just starting out or would like to learn before they get started please se…

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Life Continues On The Homestead.

As winter approaches the work continues on the homestead, the brush-hogging for this year is finished and wood cutting continues and will right through winter. Allot of folks over the years have asked me why I cut wood in the winter. The biggest reason is that a raise most of your food homestead is …

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Thanks Giving on The Homestead.

Thanks Giving is one of our favorite Holidays on the homestead.  The Monday before Thanks Giving is a busy day for all, the men come together and butcher the turkeys. This year one is for us and another is for a friend. We started with ten this year and ended up with eight. it is normal to loose som…

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As Winter Approaches.

We had our first sign that winter is coming, you guessed it - snow.  Nothing new for our area and what it brings is the anxiety  of getting last minute things done. We have still been busy getting the machines ready for winter, the rainy week we had leaves me still  behind getting the last field bru…

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As Fall Progresses.

The past couple of days has been less than desirable weather, high winds and plenty of hard rain to hamper progress. Many are without power and much to our surprise our area didn't seem to loose it. Yes you are right, we are not totally off grid. Our house is a hybrid, grid to the outlets and solar …

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Modern Households.

Today's American households are non-producing households.


The idea of a contained family economy is long forgotten as well as the skills to sustain that family economy. The average American household is now a consumer based closed economic system. This consumer based system is not sustainable a…

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Summer Has Come And Gone

Summer has come and gone,  with it the normal season changes have begun, hay is stored in the barn and some end of the season tasks continue like the garden work.We planted our garlic this weekend and have it all mulched. The homestead is a place where we are always preparing for the next season as …

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