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Why We Should Raise Our Own.

It was discovered many years ago that the soil in America has been becoming more and more deficient in minerals as time passes. It is said that the soil in which the majority of our food is grown in has half the minerals it once had. What do you think happens to vegetables when grown in mineral deficient soil? That's right they are deficient in there nutritional value making it impossible for the one who consumes it to gain the nutrition they need from eating it. It seems to make the case of starving silently. Can you imagine eating three square meals a day and your body being deficient in vitamins and minerals? This sounds crazy to me and should concern all of us.

But we don't have to worry because science has given us the vitamin and mineral supplement to make up for it. Yes the vitamin industry has grown to a multi-billion dollar business here in America and in my opinion it has become a parasite. 

There is no way that what is called fresh in your local super market can be as fresh as the same vegetable you just picked out of your garden. Take the string bean (and I use the string bean because we plant allot of them.)  For instance, It will lose somewhere between 45% and 50% of its nutritional value with in twenty four hours of being picked. Doomed with the fact it was planted and harvested in mineral deficient soil and is deficient itself to begin with, then it was transported for several days before it even came to the supermarket shelf, it has become nothing more than a filler. Not even of any real benefit to the compost pile.

We all know that a lack of proper levels of vitamins and minerals in our body is the reason for many of the aliments we suffer. Think of the diseases of civilization that are caused by year in and year out deficiencies in the food we eat. The unfortunate aspect of all this is the fact that so called fresh vegetables that are deficient look about the same as vegetables picked fresh from a soil rich garden making it near impossible to tell them apart.

Think of the disease we could avoid if we would eat whole-grain cereals in our bread and breakfast food that has been untouched by modern methods of processing which strip them of their goodness, foraged fruits and vegetables picked fresh from the vine, and if we would eat only meat from animals that have been fed only whole grains and nutrient rich pasture and if we would drink only fresh whole raw milk that has not been abused by processing.

Now if one would take an interest in getting a productive garden and see to the fertility of the soil and eat more of the fruits and vegetables they produced along with their own fresh eggs, fresh meat, honey instead of sugar and drank lots of fresh whole raw milk and ate only whole grain breads, the evidence says you will live a healthier, longer more active life.

The two best reasons to raise your own food.

First, only by doing so can you be perfectly fed. Second, Being in contact with the land and livestock is a natural stimulant that gives us relief from the out of control rat race that we currently live. Other lesser reasons to do so are. There is a basic security of this way of life, the fresh air, sunshine, exercise in the outdoors, an opportunity to be creative, the cooperation of family working together and playing together. Along with the economic benefits with today's higher food cost.

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