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There Is Always Something To Do

There is always something to do on the homestead. This year we have gone from near or early stages of drought to a 180° turn and having nothing but huge amounts of rain the garden has gone from dry to soaked walking down the rows will put you in mud up to your ankles. Yes some things are showing signs of to much water, some of our squash plants have been thinned by removing foliage to allow it to dry and save it from growing mold in the center of the plant. The wood lot is so muddy we can't even safely cut trees so winter wood cutting and hauling has been put on hold. We had a few days of sun and as soon as things were looking good to get those potatoes hilled again, you guessed it rain all day yesterday.

Since working where we really should be has been difficult we took the time between rain storms to start catching this winters fish needs, yes we will do some ice fishing this year but it is nice to have some stored before hand. Winters aren't as dependable as they should be as the current weather patterns change often, one year you get near record cold, the next near record highs. So the amount of ice can be unpredictable.  

I know many folks look at fishing as a leisure sport, and yes it can be I consider it that way sometime, but it is another homestead activity that puts real food on the table. When it comes to fish many people in our area will look at me pretty strange when I say I keep the rock bass, pumpkin seed and sun fish to eat as well as the chain link  Pickerel and Bullhead. Everyone thinks they have to many bones, but hey we have learned as well as our children to pick the bones out of them. Besides they taste good. Since so few fish for them and there is an abundance of them the beautiful thing is, no limit, you can keep all that you catch and some days are better than others so the family eats well through the winter months.

Wood cutting is happening and the wood lot is in dire need of some serious tree cutting, the current area is due a clear cut to get the dead and over mature and dying trees out so the under growth can come in, maybe even plant some trees we would desire to grow there. Not for my use because I will be long gone before this area will ever be cut again. So, a winter wood supply for the future will be growing as will someone's timber needs. In the mean time we need to get our attention back on that wood shed we forgot about when we became ill. 

As I have said before a homestead is a busy place and one that provides a high percentage of your needs is even busier. I am so thankful for the help from my wife and our children. As the season moves out and the cold weather sets in, I am in hopes of spending more time at the keyboard to keep this site and our groups caught up. Thank you all for understanding how busy we can be. 





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