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Thanks Giving on The Homestead.

Thanks Giving is one of our favorite Holidays on the homestead.  The Monday before Thanks Giving is a busy day for all, the men come together and butcher the turkeys. This year one is for us and another is for a friend. We started with ten this year and ended up with eight. it is normal to loose some. Most of the time it is Mr. Fox that has his meal early. The left over six will be put in the freezer for later or to give away to a family in need if we find any. 

The ladies of the house have the ovens busy on this day as well as the next couple of days, yes I did say ovens, the on the gas range and the one on the wood range. Both ranges are busy baking breads, pies and other deserts that the lady folk enjoy making. Thursday morning is when the turkey is prepared, one of our daughters makes the stuffing and Dad gets the wood oven to temperature and gets the bird ready to roast. Then comes all the rest of the meal and the fixings. The family busy's itself getting everything organized and helps keep it that way while our meal cooks. 

Thanks Giving cooked on the wood range is a family tradition that goes back to my Great Grandmothers wood range. Her range cooked one hundred and fourteen Thanks Giving dinners before she was retired a few years ago. Her retirement was not something that was planned but came because of the high cost of propane a few years back. That was when they claimed supplies were down because of the extreme cold that was gripping the Nation. It came down to we refused to pay the price that was being charged for it.

It was during that time that we decided we would fire up the old wood range and cook on it until fuel prices came down, while we kept the wood range going we watched as prices went up  yet more. I remember asking Kelly if she would consider cooking on the range in the winter instead of buying propane. She said she didn't mind cooking on it except for its small wood box. She had to be at the stove constantly while cooking or baking in order to maintain the cooking temperature.  I have to admit I did witness it and started searching the internet for a wood fired range that had a large fire box and could hold enough wood to see the cooking of a meal to the end. It didn't take long before I found some, yes some were very over priced and they looked beautiful. But then we were not looking for beautiful, we were looking for practical and functional. And found that in the range we purchased.

Thanks Giving dinner will take a good share of our day to prepare, and about twenty minutes to eat. We are always amazed how quickly all that food can disappear. But then we do have a large family now and with boy friends and girlfriends we have a full house and we enjoy the day to its fullest. Games are played stories are shared and if the men get the urge we'll get dressed and head out to the woods to see if we can't bag a deer. However most time we sit around and enjoy one another's company and enjoy a day of celebrating giving thanks for the abundance the Lord has blessed us with this year. We honestly have allot to be thankful for this past year and as I reflect I become overwhelmed sometime with all we have been blessed with. 

Our Family wishes the best to all of you, may your Thanks Giving be a true celebration for you and yours.  

God Bless,

Sonlit Acres



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