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Summer Has Come And Gone

Summer has come and gone,  with it the normal season changes have begun, hay is stored in the barn and some end of the season tasks continue like the garden work.We planted our garlic this weekend and have it all mulched. The homestead is a place where we are always preparing for the next season as well as the season we are currently in. It always seems as we are looking to next years growing season. I remember the first year we planted garlic, a friend had given us several bulbs that he had grown, we were impressed with how much better it tasted than what we had been buying in our local  grocery store.  We were sold that we needed to plant our own.


That first year we didn't plant even a full row, at harvest time we dried it and replanted all we grew into a full row. That's how we started, now we grow two  fifty foot rows and that provides us with plenty to replant, and leaves us able to give some away as gifts and to eat for our family and we use allot of garlic. It normally ends up in most of our meals, and every now and then a few bulbs go into the oven for roasting.


It is also the time of year to bring the wood out of the wood lot and get it split and in the shed for our winter heat. This winter we will cut wood until the snow gets to deep to safely do that job. Once the snow reaches that point we will use our snowmobile and a sled to move what we have cut home and split it and stack it so it can be put into the shed in the spring. It has been several years since we have cut next years wood the winter before. I normally started working my seasonal job about this time and it really hampered us from getting some things done this time of the year. This year we will be home on the homestead and I see no reason why we shouldn't go about the traditional winter wood cutting.


I have come to realize after all the years on the homestead there are just to many things that need to be done and no one thing can be done in a given day. The work is constant and steady. I have over the years tried to get this one project done only to be disappointed that there was no time to do it or that other more pressing things came up that prevented it. I believe the biggest mistake for anyone trying to live a more simple life is to think that there will be plenty of time to just work at one thing at a time and believe they can get it all done. To many variables come into play in this life style and one must learn to manage their time better and to look at each day as an accomplishment.


When it comes down to it, nothing else matters other than what you think or feel. If you have been plugging away most of the day and nothing looks like it was done but you are physically exhausted, then something must have been done. Just look out around you and take a mental note as to what you worked on today. Something happened and something is that much closer to being done.


What I have learned in our years on the homestead is the fact that every now and then one needs a day of rest. I mean a real day that you totally rest yourself from the past weeks labor so you can be refreshed to start over again for the week coming. My advice to anyone is to be sure to give yourself a rest day. 






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