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Springs is here.

Spring is here for us in Vermont, at least in my area. We have been building new fence for the pigs and the cows, some of the pigs have  been moved to the front yard where we want to plant potatoes next year. Pigs make wonderful garden plows and harrows and do a nice job bringing rocks to the surface. The two we are raising for fall slaughter will be moved to a new area to do some reclaiming. They will be working land we have been clearing, so the beginning of new pasture is coming.  The piglets we didn't want to raise have been sold and are now at their new home. 

 Memorial day weekend had us planting our gardens and that is done except for our potatoes, they will be planted in another week. The haying equipment is ready to be serviced to made ready for haying season, this year will be a little strange as we don't have anywhere near the fields to do as we used to.  Since the family has grown we have cut back on how many cows we keep, no need for two milk cows anymore as well as raising two calves for the freezer because we just wouldn't eat it all.

Which brings us to raising less of everything,   our chickens have come and our order was only 50 instead of the 100 we used to raise, also we won't be raising any Turkeys this season, we raised some heritage breeds last year and learned it takes them more time to grow than the white Turkeys we used to raise. We are also starting new laying hens and they are being brooded with our meat birds.  Even with the cutting back it really isn't going to make anything less to do. It is also time to cut some timber so we can get to work on that shed that was put on hold last year.

The homestead is a busy place and no it isn't the life of leisure that many will portray it to be. It is hard work and always has more to do, the work never ends on the homestead.

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