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Are things in the world crazy or is it my imagination? I personally can’t remember a time in my life when so many things were going wrong at the same time as they are today. I can only come to the conclusion that it is all by design and it would take allot to get me to change my mind. High inflation is taking its toll on many, the higher cost in food, and fuel. Even the homestead is feeling the pinch, feed prices are up as well as anything to do with raising animals. I fear that anyone that hasn’t done anything in the area of being ready are going to be in trouble and dependent on others. Which could put them in grave danger. In my thinking, now is pretty late, but any time is a good time to get ready.

As winter weather has come and I’m still not ready for it I’m finding that aging on the homestead has its downfalls. One being the kids have grown and are raising their own families now and some have even moved to other states. Leaving dear old dad without extra help. Also, the worn-out knees aren’t very cooperative with some of the chores. It may be time to lighten the load. I know I have said that before, but saying and doing isn’t that easy. My knee replacement surgery has been put on hold because I have whatever it is that’s going around. I have the cows in the barn now for the winter. I have built new stalls, and have found some of the wood flooring needs to be replaced, and will be sawing out some new lumber to do that while everything for sawing is out. I’ll take and post photos of when I have it complete. We have our new bull home which is a Jersey / Devin mix. I’m thinking this is the last bull I will bring to the homestead; I’m figuring I’ll just keep him and not try to impose my will to hard with him until I decide to stop keeping cows, if I ever make that decision.


I should have two cows bred, I am really sure about one of them but not to sure with old Dazy, the bull seemed to keep missing her or she may not have been able to hold him up. She is 13 so I’m saying if she calves again this will be her last and Molly who will have her first calf in the spring will be her replacement. Unless we find that two cows are needed to keep the family in milk. We have spent so many years producing for our family we feel we need to help as their families grow. If the need isn’t there to keep two, we will make adjustments as we go along. I did get garlic planted this fall and we will see how it. Last fall was a flop with wet weather to plant it. I was watching a news article about milk being produced without the cow in a lab. I see no reason to get rid of cows as some would think. No way in my mind that cows are the problem for the changes in climate. I also believe global warming to be a hoax.

What isn’t a hoax is the current state of our supply chain and the shortages that are being incurred all over the country. yes, I know allot is being blamed on covid, but in my thinking, this all happening by design. Always remember He who controls the food controls the people. We have the USDA wanting us to register our gardens. It never seems to end, years back it was NAIS so they could track everything from your cows to your chickens. It was finally laid to rest when States stop trying to implement it after farmers and homesteaders made their voices heard. Everything they try is a new form of control and it will never stop until the people put a stop to it.

I saw on the news they are now producing nondairy milk, something made in a laboratory that is supposed to replace milk from the cow, yes this is going to save the climate because “we can produce milk without a cow.”  No thank you, I will keep my cows as long as I feel fit to. The globalist will point the finger any place they can except at themselves.  Vermont banned the plastic grocery bag, yet everything we buy is wrapped in or packaged in plastic. It just doesn’t make sense. I think we could go on about this forever.

Now that December is here it’s time to start thinking about next springs garden, take stock in what you planted and how much you got this past fall and adjust accordingly. The garden isn’t something we can just haphazardly plant anymore; the times are too critical not to have a garden plain.  Preservation is very important and with the treat of produce shortages in 2023 it is so important to have what you need to preserve what you harvest. Most all of our meat will be going into canning jars next fall I see no need to keep so much meat frozen only to can it later so it doesn’t freezer burn because we can’t eat it fast enough. We find canning meat to be more convenient for us, not everyone will but one must do what works for them.

 Right now, isn’t a good time to ignore your surroundings, there is trouble everywhere and those you thought you could trust may not be very trustworthy. When spring comes this season, we need to hit the ground with our feet running and go, go, go. If we aren’t diligent in our homestead work, Hard times may very well come. `


Please everyone, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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