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Hello everyone,

We have been having a busy start off on the homestead this year. I can't remember if I mentioned that we bought a cheap greenhouse to see how well one will serve here before we go to building one. Needless to say we lost our first batch of tomatoes in it when we had a late deep freeze. So, we have replanted most of them, a few that were hit looked like they might make it, and we left them. Full recovery and they are looking healthy now.

Everything for us is late this year, the garden was planted late because of the extended cold weather we were having and today our potatoes were planted. Now that everyone has already been cutting hay, I guess it's my turn hopefully this starts this coming week. I still have a little work to do to finish servicing the equipment for the season. Other than a couple days of work on everything and we'll be off. 

We have a new calf on the place as well as a young bull we are raising as a breeding bull, I have been giving some thought in the past year of cutting back on our large animals but with the way things are here I don't think it's a good idea too right now. What are some of you thoughts, please leave them in the comments. 

We have our chicks almost all brooded and they will venture outside this coming week, this year we ordered 125 and 120 made it so far, our layers continue to be producing way more than we need and we have started sell eggs this year, it's been some time since we have sold eggs. But it is paying the grain on them as well as grain for the milk cow, it does seem good to have the homestead paying something.  No more seems to be said about the possible food shortages they were predicting, how ever most restaurants aren't up and running yet, keep your eyes open and continue to buy things you can.  

We buy flour every time we go into the store, Yes we have been buying bread instead of making it for the time being, we feel it is important that we save the flour for jut in case. If things go well by fall we will go back to making our own again. The cow is giving way more milk than the family can use, soon I will be making cheese and butter, with so much going on I haven't been saving much cream except to make the butter we need, that will change soon. The cheese making will come then as well.

The homestead is a busy place this time of the year and I will do my best to post at least once a month so we can keep everyone up on what is gong on and how things are. Not sure if I mentioned it, but we are Grandparents for the first time and we are enjoying it, once Mom goes back to work my wife and I will be baby sitting for him. We were always told that being a grandparent is different. Yes everyone that told us that was right. 


Grandpa feeding Asher.

Potatoes planted.


Our New calf.


We will also be taking more photos this season and hopefully posting some here soon. I have also been playing with a you tube account and seeing if I can work a little with that as well, or I may see about posting video content here on the site if folks have an interest. 

Hoping this has found you all well, God Bless.


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