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Hello Everyone, 

Things on the homestead are moving in the forward direction, our piglets are growing, the chickens continue to lay more eggs than we need and we are enjoying give some out to folks that can use some help. I bumped the cow yesterday and felt a little one in there, so we are anticipating a calf in May or June. I didn't catch her being bred so I'm guessing based on when we put her in with our bull.  Our bull has been at a friends farm since September servicing his girls. 

I have been cautiously watching the corona virus out break and it's kind of scary. I would recommend folks stock up on things they will need in case the CDC decides that schools and businesses should be forced to close, the world economy is beginning to feel the effects from the spread. Some news channels are reporting and the outlook depends on who is reporting. All we can do at this point is be ready, watch and listen. If it gets close to us, we will be keeping to the homestead and staying put. When they start saying pandemic it's time to have some concern. I never trust the authorities to tell anyone right up front about any real danger, for fear of causing panic. They won't just jump right up and tell you to head for the hills folks need to look see and listen to make their own determination.

I know our last post talked about good reasons to keep the homestead productive even in the good times and to store up your nuts just in case they will be needed. It seems now is the time as the U.S. brought home Americans from China and other places that has these people stranded. The last I knew we had 53 cases in the States, with many more countries reporting cases of the virus.

I am not in any way trying to scar anyone, I am trying to help keep your attention to the dangers out there, most are there every day and we as a society have learned to ignore them or not see them by choice. Just do what your gut tells you to do, call me a doomsayer if you like, but it certainly isn't my intention.  Just keep an eye and an ear open, check the news or google it to see how close it is, because it is here. If you live in a resort area as we do and are exposed to allot of folks in a day from other places and cities be careful. This may not even get any worse here, but it is an example of why we have always said be prepared  and keep that homestead producing and viable in the good times.

As for myself, I wonder why we are still importing food items or other products from China at this time. I would think the CDC would recommend that all imports from China be halted immediately. Of coarse we have all learned over time and heard it from politicians in the past when asked why. "It's the economy stupid." When it boils down to it, no one is responsible for your safety or the safety of your family but you. We must be accountable to ourselves and our families at all times. 

If you should decide it is time to put up some supplies I would start easy and just do it as if you were doing your normal shopping. If you have a pantry and a freezer full from last harvest your in good shape and all you may need will be a few staple items like flour, salt, sugar, yeast and other baking items. Of coarse don't forget the kerosene lamps and extra oil to last a while, fuel for your generator and be sure your solar system is up to the job. These are things we normally have stocked and we are ready for what comes. It isn't unusual for us to get a big snow or ice storm and have the power go out for more than a week at times, so we keep things stocked.  Folks who live up in the north country like we do are now in winter and refrigeration right isn't an issue. But in any event for any reason we are always ready to pull from the freezer and can what we have in it.  It does pay to always be ready for an interruption of any kind. 








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