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We Left It Behind.

We have learned through life that most folks think they are looking out for your better good, but have no idea that their thought is really for themselves. Our life together has been very fulfilling to us, no not perfect but fulfilling none the less. when others keep their ideas of how life should be lived for themselves to themselves, life is good.

Making a living from the land was never a burden, what burdened us most was feeling that we had to constantly defend our way of life to those around us that could not or would not understand it. 

What I find peculiar is how many people watch so many reality shows that involve a life style similar to ours and wish they could live that way, but have in some way caused us to feel we were living a life that is backwards to how society should live.

I personally never asked for societies way of life and as far back as I can remember I never was comfortable living life like the rest of society. We didn’t come to our way of life lightly, it came in bits but it came and I know it was a life the Lord led us to. We have been successful in our life here and by no means have we failed at our life on the homestead.

Yes, we had trials, and disappointments. But all in all, having raised our children here and seeing how well rounded they have become in adulthood. I know we have succeeded, it was our life to live, not someone else’s.

We left behind everyone’s idea of what we “should” be or how we “should” live our life. Instead we followed the path of our conviction. Along that path we found true happiness and purpose. I thank the Lord for the convictions He has placed upon our hearts, for revealing Himself to us and guiding our lives in the way He chose for us. 

Speaking for myself, I have found a life of prosperity, I have found a life fulfilled with abundance. But not in the abundance of the secular worlds view, I want nothing to do with the modern secularized system, it has polluted the minds of our youth and has brought our once great nation to a crossroad where we should not be. Abundance and prosperity are not found in dollars as the world would have you believe, that belief serves the few and brings us back to the days of lordship and servitude as it once was before the founding of our nation.

The road back to servitude is not the road of prosperity and never was. Our lives on Sonlit Acres allowed us to live a life of freedom that one can rarely have, unless they turn away from the norms of society with its secularized way of thinking and live life as separate as possible from them. No, our lives have never been lives of self - subsistence, but a life of God dependence. We provide the labor and trust God for the outcome.   

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