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As Fall Progresses.

The past couple of days has been less than desirable weather, high winds and plenty of hard rain to hamper progress. Many are without power and much to our surprise our area didn't seem to loose it. Yes you are right, we are not totally off grid. Our house is a hybrid, grid to the outlets and solar for the lights. But this is a subject for a later post. 


Fall is a stressful time on our homestead, so much needing to be done and the feeling that not enough time is left to do it all. As some folks that are close to us know, I have been recovering from cancer treatments followed by a major surgery. The recovery time had me laid up and UN able to get out of the starting gate for the homestead until the end of July, had it not been for our children chipping in and helping out with so much this past year would have been a failure. I thank the Lord for a close loving family that works together.  But now that fall is in full swing I find myself still behind in many ways. As brush hogging continues, but is closer to being done than it was a few days ago, I look for a little more fair weather to get it done. Our wood is almost all in and it is time to get the hay bales packed around the house to keep things from freezing up.  Soon the animals will be brought into the barn for the winter so they will have protection from the winds and be able to stay dry. 


Trapping and hunting seasons are here and with it an opportunity to control the population of some of the critters that seem to like to kill our chickens. It is also an opportunity to make a little extra income for the winter. Hunting will also provide some fresh meat adding to our food stores and variety for our diets. Soon comes Thanks Giving a special time for our family and a time we all get together and have memorable times, we still cook our meal on a wood fired range as we have always and we still swear it tastes better that way. 


As fall gives itself up to winter I'm sure I will have more time to work at getting content along with articles teaching homestead related work and chores. I'm not the homemaker and unless my wife decides she is willing I won't be doing any housekeeping tips. I have always dealt with the getting your hands dirty in the barn, the garden and the woods type of homesteader. I will do my best to get her to add something here, but she is kind of bashful about it. I promise I will replace the broken camera with a new one and get some updated photos here as well. But again this will all come as soon as the most important part of homesteading gets done. After all if the homestead chores and projects don't get done, it isn't much of a homestead. 


All I can say for right now is to stay tuned, because I will get things rolling and hopefully get this site up and running fully so we can do one of the things we really enjoy doing on this homestead and that is teaching others. I have never tried to make homesteading look like something it really isn't, yes it is a good life, it's an honest way to live and it is a ton of work especially if you are grubbing a big part of your living from it. 

Soon I will be moving useful information on starting and growing a garden, along with some of the ins and outs of specific vegetables from our old website. We'll also be moving information on animals their care along with the chores involved with keeping them. We will post  on the aspect of homestead buildings and sheds along with sawing your own lumber with both the Alaskan saw mill and a band saw mill, as we have recently acquired the band mill and will soon be setting it up that we may saw lumber for a current building project. 

There is allot to learn on homesteading and if we can help by passing along what we have learned in our homestead adventure to help you get started and avoid mistakes that we made along the way, this site will have been worth it. 

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