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Another Fall Is Here.

 I have to admit, my Father was right when I was a youngster. He used to say wait until you are my age and you'll understand. I wish he were still here so I could tell him that I do. 

The summer went by way to fast and we find ourselves in another colder than normal November, We have had temperatures in the single digits already and the wood stove is really cranking along keeping the house warm, as well as cooking and baking our meals. Our chickens are slaughtered and this year we canned most of them. Canning some of our meat makes the making of a quick soup or stew fast, just dump everything from the jar to the pot, bring to a boil for ten minutes and you're done.

With the extreme cold we are getting it's making difficult the last minute things ready before snow, we have our pigs still to slaughter and process, we didn't have a cow ready this year so my son and I will be hunting this year again to put up some red meat for the freezer or the canner, I haven't made up my mind yet. The cold weather does bring with it challenges that have to be watched out for and with my youngest son and I being outside allot we have to watch out for one another so no one ends up with frost bite or hypothermia or any number of cold weather dangers. 

Snow has come since I started this writing and things are coming along, the cows are in the barn with the exception of our bull, he is off to a friends farm to breed his girls. I am sure the bull is happy. Hunting season started and this week end is the last two days of the rifle hunt and it doesn't look like I have to worry about whether I freeze or can it, unless things change. 

Changes are being made to our forums and e mail groups, we will be dropping them and spending our limited computer time here and on our Facebook group, the forum and e mail group just wasn't progressing. Therefore I am in hopes we will be able to be here more often until of coarse the busy homesteading season arrives in the spring. 

I am wondering if you have been going to our Article Of Interest page and noticing the food recalls there? I recent years I have become more and more concerned with the food recalls and how often we are seeing new ones, it seems every day something is being recalled. This seems to be the state of our corporate food chain and I fear will be an every day part of it. It's almost like the old Jaws movie when they say "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water." I feel it more to be just as you thought it was safe to buy lettuce again. With all joking aside. Folks we need to become aware of the dangers in the super markets today, remember 80% of what is in the stores today wasn't even available 80 years ago.  That should give you a very good idea as to where in the store you should be shopping. Also, before you do go shopping always check to see what may have been or is being recalled.

As winter draws nearer and as cold weather and or storms come by I am in hopes I will be posting here and on our Facebook page more often. That camera I put on my wish list so long ago is still on there, I am in hopes of getting that soon so we can also share some photos as we keep going here on the homestead. 




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